A fundamental change is that parents can choose for their child (or the children for themselves) from two types of main meals. Lunch is always served with a soup, a hot main course, side dish (if not part of the meal), mixed salad and either fruit or yoghurt (fruit four times weekly and yoghurt once a week).

Lunch prices starting 26 August 2020

Lunch menu (Nursery, Reception & Year 1) plus morning and afternoon snacks € 3.30
Lunch menu (Year 2 – 5) € 3.50
Lunch menu (Year 6 – 9) € 3.70
Lunch menu (Year 10 – 13) € 3.90
Lunch menu gluten free/lactose free/other food restrictions € 5.00
Morning snack (filled pastry, mineral water, fruit, muesli bar) € 2.50

How to sign children up for food services

Your registration will be confirmed as soon as you complete the online form. Invoices and payment information will be sent to the email address you specify on it.  

How to select a menu and cancel a lunch

  • During the summer holidays you will receive sign-up details at
  • Log in and make the necessary changes yourself (choose menu/cancel lunch)
  • You can only cancel a lunch or change the selected menu beforehand, at latest by 12:00 noon of the working day previous to the day when the lunch will be served (for example, you can only cancel or change Monday’s lunch by 12:00 noon on Friday of the previous week.)


  • You will be billed for the lunch unless it is cancelled prior to the deadline,
  • Your child will be automatically given the preset MENU 1 meal unless you select MENU 2 for him or her by the deadline.
  • Lunches are automatically pre-ordered; you must make a change of a menu or cancel if you wish your child not to have lunch. It is necessary to do so until 12:00 noon time, previous working day.