New assortment in Food store

Let us introduce you our new assortment in Food store. We expand the range of homemade pastry. Our skilfull baker Ema is preparing fresh sweet or salty pastry every day. It is important to bring attention to updated baguette reciept, toast or new bagel offer.

This is just the beginning, we still want to devote new products according to the requirements and tastes of your children. You can find our new pictures of homemade products below: Popular and really favourite among children, Sacher and apple cake: Pork rings, potato rings or bacon stuffed garlic rolls with cream are not missing from our offer: We updated reciept for our baguettes, to be more tasty and we start with guacamole bagel with chicken breasts: Moravian cakes with vanilla pudding, cinamon wasp nest, straciatella muffin, apple puff pastry roses. Sweet offer of our pastries will give you neccessary energy for the day. In our offer you can also find bundtcake, toast, sponge cake with fruit, croissants, quesadillas, etc… We were updated our Food stoore offer very sensitively, due to school phylosophy which means plastic and sugar free. Top news from New year, you can pay by card in our Food store.