A healthy and balanced diet is important for all of us - but especially so for our children. That’s why, in our LITTLE CHEF canteen, we do everything to ensure that your children receive both the highest quality, and most delicious food possible.

The creation and composition of our menu is subject to a strict approval process. The chef will compile a menu, which will then be checked by our panel of experts - the Little Chef Manager, our nutritionist and a school representative. Any proposed changes are then used to adjust the menu. Of course, we adapt our menu to even the smallest children (Nursery, Reception, year 1), so that it suits their nutritional needs, and still tastes great.

The British International School is attended by children of more than 40 nationalities, so creating a menu to suit all children is a challenge we take seriously. For instance, we prepare food separately for children who, for religious reasons, do not eat pork. Additionally, we often include simpler Asian dishes, and you will also find variations of European cuisine.

Of course, the dishes of our Danube region, are showcased such as dishes of national Slovak, Czech or Hungarian cuisine. The basis for us is that the menu is nutritionally balanced and that the children receive all the necessary nutrients every day. We always try to ensure that children have a fresh vegetable salad and/or fruit with their main course.

We strive to meet our childrens individual requirements, both small and large. If, for example, they would like to change the side dish or have another request related to their food or drinks, we are more than happy to accomodate. Over the years, many of the children regularly ask for „seconds“, giving us confidence that our menus are delicious and nutritional.


If you had asked a food manager 20 years ago how they chose a raw material supplier, they would likely have based it on price alone. At LITTLE CHEF, we care only about the quality and safety of raw materials, because we care about the health and satisfaction of your children.

The process of finding the ideal supplier can be challenging as it requires discipline and significant research. Based on our many years of experience, we prefer medium-sized to large companies that can guarantee us long-term quality and at the same time ensure capacity to supply us reliably.

We are strict and consistent when choosing suppliers. We require constant and sustainable quality, sufficient capacity and clear logistical strategy, delivery at a pre-determined and agreed time, as well as quality control, open communication and, immediate responses in the event of an exchange request.


Currently, intolerances and allergies in children are, unfortunately, still increasing. Fortunately, The LITTLE CHEF team are very well aware of the problem of intolerance and we prepare food for your children sensitively and with the highest dose of responsibility. Every day we carefull prepare meals to meet all special intolerance requirements.

Above all, we try to prepare meals without allergenic ingredients. This is especially true for milk and flour, which are among the most common sources of intolerance.

We solve gluten intolerances by exchanging glutenous raw materials for gluten-free ones. In the case of lactose intolerance, we use lactose free milk and very often we exchange ordinary milk for tasty coconut or almond milk. Many children today have a problem with cow's milk protein, where we will exchange beef for other types of meat.

In our dining room, children with any intolerances are well taken care of. We place great emphasis on the use of the right ingredients and on ensuring that food is not contaminated under any circumstances. We strictly follow the recipes and guarantee the correct labeling of allergens.

We try to meet even the most demanding requirements when it comes to children's intolerances and we are convinced that, thanks to our approach and consistency, children can safely enjoy great food in our LITTLE CHEF dining room.

If you have any questions about preparing food for children with intolerances, our staff is always willingly at your disposal.


Unlike other school catering companies that only sell products from third parties, we at LITTLE CHEF make most of our own products. In our buffet you will find up to 90% of all products of our own production. Baguettes, stuffed croissants, tortillas and muffins are lovingly made by our skilled cooks and bakers. Freshness and excellent taste is guaranteed! We also change the assortment according to the tastes and preferences of your children.


Food waste is at the heart of challenges facing the world today. Hunger and poverty, climate change and the sustainability of agriculture and the oceans are key issues we all face. Our commitment to combating food waste ranges from working with our suppliers and manufacturers, to implementing sustainable practices in our facilities. This is very much in line with targets set by the UN.

In our LITTLE CHEF canteen, there is a waste separator where children can sort their uneaten leftovers. We take time to educate them so that they acquire the right habits for waste separation. Waste bins for separated waste are easily located. We also fundamentaly do not use plastic, so you will not find any plastic bottles, spoons or cups in our buffet.


The attitude of all employees, including those in the school canteen, is paramount in order for the child to be satisfied and filled with joy. Most of the children at school know us by name, as we know them. We talk, laugh together and consider them as our friends.

We try to incorporate their requests and ideas, which they mention in our conversations, into the menu. We never force children to eat, but we try to make them at least taste the food in a playful way so they can expand their tastes.


Cookery club is an activity close to our heart, which we implement in cooperation with the school. Our goal is to teach children proper hygiene habits, choosing the right tool when working in the kitchen, how to select the right ingredients and how to handle them correctly. We place great emphasis on educating children on how to eliminate food waste as much as possible and lead them to zero waste methods and practices.

Of course, the main goal is to teach children to master the preparation of simple meals – soups, pasta, salads and desserts. We want to give them basic information on how to prepare vegetables and meat in the best and tastiest way possible including what to avoid and what to watch out for. We also want to teach them that food is not something impersonal, bought in a store and put on a plate. Instead it can be incredibly creative, something that should be prepared with love and passion, so that the food is tasty, healthy and beautiful on the plate at the same time.

We do our work with love, because we enjoy it, and we would like to tranfer this feeling to our children as well. We want children to have a positive attitude towards food and cooking, so that they can prepare their own food as well. Simply put, we want to transfer our passion for cooking to children.

Even in this lesson, we strive for a concept that will be accessible to children, and the entire course will be conducted in a playful way taking into account the age and maturity of the children. We are already very much looking forward to the „LITTLE CHEF“ enthusiasts of the culinary art!


We are enthusiasts who love good food. We cook with joy, and our work is fun and fulfilling. Working for children requires a high level of responsibility, but mostly it is cheerful and creative. – something we truly love.

    So who exactly are the „ LITTLE CHEF“ team?

  • Michal Rakica an experienced chef who is responsible for the quality of the prepared food. For many years he worked as a chef in restaurants. In addition to the hotel academy, he also has a teaching degree, which is extremly useful for him in this position.
  • Miroslav Hanuš worked for many years as a catering specialist. At LITTLE CHEF, he works as an assistant chef. His humor, which he transfers to everyone around him, is also adored by children. Even in his free time, he enjoys baking!
  • Katarína Korytárová As our junior operations manager, Katarína is responsible for communication with parents. Katka is always available to every parent. She comes from big family, so she knows how to work and talk with children and she loves to participate in many activities with children whether it´s a in a cookery club or a Fun day. Please do not hesitate to contact her via or +421 948 321 921.
  • Karolínka Gondová and Monika Tomanová are currently part of the team as assistant cooks who act as second mothers to our youngest children. Karolínka has been working at the British International School for 40 years, which speaks for itself about her dedication, hard work and love for children. Monika is a great addition to our team, who creates our healthy and beautiful salads every day.
  • Ema Kaločaiová is our skilled baker who prepares fresh pastries, croissants and other cakes and pastries for our buffet.
  • Viktória Jonasová is our head of the buffet, responsible for its smooth operation. As the proper head of the buffet, she checks the freshness and variety of baguettes, cookies and other products on a daily basis. Importantly Viktoria oversees strict compilance with all hygiene standards when selling our products to your children.
  • Janko Cicka is responsible for the cleanliness of dishes, floors and the kitchen area. His consistency and sense of impeccable cleanliness and order is a strong currency, necessary in the school canteen.
It is a pleasure for all of us to work at LITTLE CHEF, to provide your children all of their catering needs.

Healthy, diverse and high-quality nutritious diet for your children, with a team of qualified professionals preparing, reviewing and putting together every menu.

Providing high quality food for pupils and compliance with nutritional values are handled by a nutritionist and food animator, whose roles is to motivate, assist and oversee meals for your children, mainly those of lower ages.