Menu maples willows

14.12.2020 Monday Allergens
Morning Snack – desiata Roll with ham, butter and vegetable 1,3,7
Soup Peas soup with vegetable 1.9
Menu Dumplings (pirohy) stuffed with sheep cheese with cream and onion 1,3,7
Afternoon Snack – olovrant Poppy seed roll with butter 1,3,7
15.12.2020 Tuesday Allergens
Morning Snack – desiata Baguette with cheese spread and tomato 1,3,7
Soup Tomato with cheese 1.7
Menu Creamy pork cubes with thyme, fussili 1,3,7
Afternoon Snack – olovrant Bundt cake 1,3,7
16.12.2020 Wednesday Allergens
Morning Snack – desiata Cereal roll with ham spread and vegetable 1,3,7
Soup Cabbage soup with sausage 1
Menu Roasted chicken leg on curry with vegetable rice 1,6,9
Afternoon Snack – olovrant Croissant 1,3,7
17.12.2020 Thursday Allergens
Morning Snack – desiata Sandwich with ham, cheese, vegetable 1,3,7
Soup Potatoes cream – eintopf with groats and meat 1.9
Menu Spagetti with tuna-vegetable sauce, grated mozzarella 1,3,4,7
Afternoon Snack – olovrant Apple pie 1,3,7
18.12.2020 Friday Allergens
Morning Snack – desiata Bun with cheese, tomato and lettuce 1,3,7
Soup Lentil sour soup 1.7
Menu Fried fish, mash potatos 1,3,4,7
Afternoon Snack – olovrant Brioche with honey spread 1,3,7