Menu maples willows

6/21/2021 Monday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata Chees sandwich with butter and vegetable. 1.3.7.
Soup Minnestrone soup 1.3
Menu Pork slices with thyme and sour cream, fussily 6,9
Afternoon snack – olovrant Pizza stick 1.3.7.
6/22/2021 Tuesday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata Baguette with butter, ham and vegetable 1.3.7.
Soup Goulash soup 1
Menu Steamed buns with breadcrumbs and butter 3,6,9
Afternoon snack – olovrant Poppyseeds breadroll with butter 1.3.7.
6/23/2021 Wednesday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata Bun with mozzarella and vegetable 1.3.7.
Soup Potato sour soup 1.3.7.
Menu Chicken steak with bacon, bean pods and boiled potatoes 1,3,7
Afternoon snack – olovrant Sourdough cake with plums 1.3.7.
6/24/2021 Thursday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata Bun with butter, pepperoni and vegetable 1.3.7.
Soup Chicken broth with pasta and meat 1,3,7
Menu Ducat buns with vanilla cream 1.3.7.
Afternoon snack – olovrant Cacao snail 1.3.7.
6/25/2021 Friday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata Bun with butter chees and vegetable 1.3.7.
Soup Vegetable soup with dumplings 1
Menu Chicken leg with rice 3,6,9
Afternoon snack – olovrant Christmass cake 1.3.7.