Menu maples willows

4/12/2021 Monday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata Baguette with cheese, salad, tomato, cookies, fruit 1.3.7.
Soup Vegetable soup with potatoes 1
Menu Baked chicken leg with rice 7
Afternoon snack – olovrant Plum pie 1.3.7.
4/13/2021 Tuesday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata toast with cheese, butter, cucumber, tomato, ice salad, fruit, cookies. 1.3.7.
Soup Chicken broth with pasta and vegetable 1,3,7
Menu Spaghetti with tomato sugo and mozzarela 1,3,7
Afternoon snack – olovrant Christmas bread with butter and jam 1.3.7.
4/15/2021 Wednesday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata pastry with ham spread, ice salad, tomato, fruit, cookie 1.3.7.
Soup Potato sour creamy soup with dill 1.3.7.
Menu Beef goulash and dumpling 1,3,7
Afternoon snack – olovrant sourdough pie 1.3.7.
4/16/2021 Thursday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata bun with butter, egg spread, tomato, cucumber, fruit, cookie 1.3.7.
Soup Bean soup with sausage 1
Menu Fried cauliflower with boiled potatoes and tatar sauce 1.3.7.
Afternoon snack – olovrant Stacciatella muffin 1.3.7.
4/17/2021 Friday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata pastry with cheese, butter, cucumber, tomato, salad, fruit, cookie 1.3.7.
Soup Carrot creamy soup 1.7.
Menu Homemade meatloaf with mashed potatoes 1.3.7.
Afternoon snack – olovrant pizza pie 1.3.7.