Menu maples willows

11/7/2022 Monday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata Sandwich with egg, vegetable, fruit 1.3.7.
Soup Bean soup with vegetable 1
Menu Chicken stew with macaroni 1.3.7.
Afternoon snack – olovrant Croissant 1,3,7
11/8/2022 Tuesday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata Dark pastry with butter, cheese, vegetable, fruit 1.3.7.
Soup Beef broth with pasta 1-Mar
Menu Pasta with baked pumpkin sauce and cheddar 1.3.7.
Afternoon snack – olovrant Corn flakes with milk 1.3.7.
11/9/2022 Wednesday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata Breadroll with honey spread, vegetable, fruit 1.3.7.
Soup Tomato soup with cheese 1.7.
Menu Chicken sauté with steamed rice, cabbage and dumpling 1.3.7.
Afternoon snack – olovrant Potato ring (pagac) 1.3.7.
11/10/2022 Thursday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata Bun with tuna spread, vegetable, fruit 1.3.7.
Soup Garlic soup with croutons 1.9.
Menu Beef slices with cucumber, bacon and steamed rice 1.
Afternoon snack – olovrant Musli with milk 1.3.7.
11/11/2022 Friday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata Baguette with Lucina cheese, vegetable, fruit 1.3.7.
Soup Parsley creme with potatoes 1.7.
Menu Aglio e olio with cheese 1.3.7.
Afternoon snack – olovrant Fruit puff pastry 1.3.7.