Menu maples willows

9/5/2022 Monday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata Dark pastry, butter, salammy, tomato, fruit 1.3.7.
Soup Potato soup with leek 1.3.7.
Menu Chicken wok with rice /china style, carrot, pinneapple, pepper, cabbage/ 1.3.7.
Afternoon snack – olovrant Puffpastry with jam 1,3,7
9/6/2022 Tuesday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata Cereal pastry, butter, ham, tomato, fruit 1.3.7.
Soup Goulash soup 1.3.7.
Menu Penne with tomato sauce and cheese 1.3.7.
Afternoon snack – olovrant Pizza stick 1.3.7.
9/7/2022 Wednesday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata Bun with egg, vegetable, fruit 1.3.7.
Soup Chicken broth with vegetable 1.3.7.
Menu Beef goulash 1.3.7.
Afternoon snack – olovrant Bundtcake 1.3.7.
9/8/2022 Thursday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata Baguette with ham, vegetable, fruit 1.3.7.
Soup Peas soup with carrot and dumplings 1.3.7.
Menu Pork cubes with creamy sauce, with vegetable and macaronni /root vegetable, peas/ 1.3.7.
Afternoon snack – olovrant Cornflakes with milk 1.3.7.
9/9/2022 Friday Alergens
Morning Snack – desiata Baguette with cheese spread, vegetable, fruit 1.3.7.
Soup Borscht 1.3.7.
Menu Vegetable risotto 1.3.7.
Afternoon snack – olovrant Biscuits with yogurt 1.3.7.