• How to stay healthy
Rainy and cold weather means that we need to boost our immune system as much as it is possible. Little chef has favorite food ingredient which can help you add some vitamin C in to your daily diet as well as some gut health- friendly probiotics.
What is it? Answer is sauerkraut!
Sauerkraut was already cultivated in ancient Greece or even in the Roman Empire. It survived the test of time to become a popular side dish and condiment in many cultures and it’s very traditional ingredient in Slovakia as well. Sauerkraut is one of the long-standing traditions of our country, especially in the winter when it was served as a substitute for fresh fruit and vegetable which weren‘t available during the winter season. 

We have plenty meals where you can find it as a main character, such as “kapustové fliačky, strapačky, kapustníky” and so many others. Sauerkraut is a source of probiotics, vitamin C and iron, all of which contribute to a stronger immune system.

Eating sauerkraut may help strengthen your immune system, improve your digestion and even reduce your risk of certain diseases.

To achieve the best possible health benefits, try eating a little bit of sauerkraut each day.

Your Immune System

  • How to stay healthy
To be immune means to be protected.

So it makes sense that the body system that helps fight of sickness is called the immune system. The immune system is made up of network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body.

Healthy kids can help their immune systems by washing their hands regularly to prevent infections, eating nutritious foods, getting plenty of exercise, getting enough sleep, and getting regular medical checkups.

And if you feel gerat today, THANK YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!